Bad Home DIY or Paranormal Activity?

Haunted By A Home DIY Gone Bad?

Oct. 4, 7pm

Could it just be creaky floorboards? Could it be the pipes clanging? Or could it be… a ghost!? Find out if those bumps in the night are a reno gone wrong or if you’ve got guests from the other side. Join us on Friday, Oct 4 at 7pm as our paranormal investigator dispels myths, shares stories and explains what to do if you actually have a visitor from the beyond!
Then go with a REAL GHOST HUNTER on an adventure. Using the latest equipment you’ll set off in search of paranormal activity. Whether you believe, or don’t, this is an experience not to miss! Five dollars from each Show Experience ticket will be donated to Habitat for Humanity.

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Glenn Laycock

Join Paranormal Investigator Glenn Laycock of Central Ontario Paranormal Investigations (COPi) who will take you on a ghost hunt in the facility. Not a believer? You might be after this experience.

Steve Collie

Join Steve for a ghost walk in the Horse Palace. He has been a uniformed guard with Fort York since 1993. Steve has done walking tours with Heritage Toronto since 1994 and has been involved with Exhibition Place since 1999, conducting historical, architectural, art, and ghost walking tours.

The Historic Horse Palace

Over the years there have been several sightings of a police officer on his horse here.
Those who have seen him, claim the police officer on the horse resembles a picture of an officer who died of a heart attack while on the job. A year before this particular officer died, his horse was doing maneuvers in the Coliseum when it had an accident and had to be put down.
It is not uncommon to hear horses walking on the second floor. The top floor is only used during the Royal Winter Fair and the sound of hooves are heard year round, mainly at night.
During the Second World War, the CNE grounds was a military camp from 1940 – 1946. The horse palace was built in 1931 and was used as barracks for soldiers waiting to go for training and then overseas. For many of them, this was their last memory of Toronto. It is recorded over 12,000 men made their way through here. Quite a few never came back.

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