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Drop by, pull up a seat, sit back and enjoy all that we’re sharing, including bites and behind the scenes stories, at the Home + Kitchen Stage!

Get the lowdown on fave fall recipes with a twist from some of the city’s tops chefs, learn all about the tiny home movement and even learn how to tell if you have ghostly guests or if it’s just another home DIY project to add to your to-do list, plus much more!

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For a look at who will be speaking about what and when, check out our Home + Kitchen Stage Schedule here. We have everything in our kitchen from paranormal investigators to top notch chefs. Don't miss out!


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With such an incredible lineup of guests and topics, you don't want to miss out!

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Finding Real Value In Your Home

Bryan Baeumler
Oct. 5 | 1pm
Meet and Greet: 1:30pm ADT booth #712

Purchasing a home is one the largest investments you’ll make in your lifetime. How do you know you’re getting your money’s worth? Let Bryan Baeumler of HGTV’s Island of Bryan share some ways you can find real value in your home.

Bryan doesn’t believe he’s put in an honest day’s work unless he gets his hands dirty. A natural-born teacher, the Gemini-award winning host has been educating and entertaining viewers across Canada and the US since 2007 on the hit shows Disaster DIY, Canada’s Handyman Challenge, Leave it to Bryan, House of Bryan, Bryan Inc. and his upcoming show Island of Bryan. Bryan’s quick wit and easy-going personality have made him a huge hit with viewers on all of his home renovation shows.
Currently filming Island of Bryan with wife Sarah, viewers will be able to watch them restore a small abandoned resort on South Andros Island in the Bahamas. In Island of Bryan, we follow the story of this radical life event for the Baeumlers, from a dream of creating and running a luxury boutique resort in paradise, to the reality of leaving their friends, family and life behind to take on their most challenging build yet. For more information about Bryan, visit bryanbaeumler.com

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Experiential Luxury and Today’s Lifestyle Trends

Ramsin Khachi
Oct. 5 | 6pm

Design / Builder, Ramsin Khachi, will walk you through the importance of creating an independent and dynamic environment through the harmonious union of good design, the latest technology, materials and eco conscientious. He will enlighten you on practical solutions to modern-day housing and design concerns and educate you on what important elements shape the present-day mindset in creating an immersive living environment that answers to todays lifestyle trends.

Nationally recognized Design/Build contractor and Owner/Principal of Khachi Design Group, Ramsin Khachi is also a popular industry expert and television personality. He is featured in and also writes for various media publications throughout North America and his voice can be heard on his Luxury online magazine – KHACHILIFE.com – a multi-platform experience that fully embodies the KHACHI brand. Celebrating over 25 years of success, Khachi has become renowned for generating creative solutions to problems facing the modern-day client. He focuses on inventiveness, sensibility and sophistication as the foundation of his design philosophy and he is known for his timeless, elegant and uniquely customized spaces. Ramsin frequently lectures at public forums and to professional organizations, Design Colleges and Industry events to share his insight and knowledge of premium construction. Ramsin Khachi is an adoring father who possesses a vivacious personality and distinctive style.

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Basement Renos:From Floods to Finishes

Damon Bennett
Oct. 5 | 5pm

Well respected contractor Damon Bennett will discuss the ins and outs of how to recover and renovate after a flood as well as how to best protect your property from any additional damage. Damon will also go over best practices, maintenance and what role DriCore can play.

For Damon Bennett, construction is a way of life. A trusted expert and television staple for over a decade, Damon has earned the respect of industry heavy weights and the admiration of fans worldwide.
A childhood fascination with restoration turned into a full-fledged career of making people’s dreams come true. Damon’s solid workmanship, along with a reputation for being a stand up guy with a big heart, landed him a job working on the top show on HGTV. He quickly climbed the ranks and became the Crew Supervisor. For nearly ten years he was an integral key to the team and the success of the shows. These days Damon lends his expertise to homeowners and DIY’ers across North America with instructional keynote presentations, Q&A sessions and videos. He also runs a very busy construction company building and renovating homes across North America.
Damon specializes in carpentry, structural reinforcement and construction coordination. He is not simply a mentor to his crews, but rather the first to jump in, swing the hammer, and get his hands dirty. When not working on a job-site, Damon can usually be found with the many animals that he has rescued or with his charity work with various Veteran’s groups. His current project: renovating the Trenton Airforce base pub. He was recently made an Honourary Lt. Col. of the 32nd Service Battalion in Toronto. His current “pet” project is the renovation of the Toronto Humane Society main shelter.

Follow Damon on Instagram @OfficialDamonBennett

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East Meets West Festive Foods

Chef Christopher Woods | Chef Diep To
Sat. Oct. 5 | 3pm

Pull up a seat and enjoy the sounds and scents of Chef Christopher Woods’ fall kitchen. Learn how to crate an inviting, cosy atmosphere with some of his favourite fall recipes which will include 1)Creamed Leek Chevre and Cranberry With Toasted Pine Nuts 2)Roasted Figs Wrapped in Prosciutto with Gorgonzola Toasted Spices Pecans and White Balsamic Reduction with Pomegranate Seeds 3)Vietnamese/ Chef Diep To 4)Fresh Vietnamese Herbs, Pan Seared Tofu, Pineapple, Jicama, Rice Vermicelli in Rice Paper Wrap served with Ginger, Lime Soy Based Sauce(VG, GF) 5) Ground Beef, Green Onion, Pepper, Shallot Wrapped in Lot Medicinal Herb, Pan Fried, served with Sweet and Sour Dipping Sauce ( GF )

Chef Christopher Woods has been at the forefront of the Toronto & GTA culinary scene for over 25 years, catering corporate events, private functions & major film productions. With Christopher’s passion & flare for food has created culinary delights with a style and flavour which are incomparable.
He prides himself in going above & beyond to provide an experience that adds to the event, while operating with the discretion and poise- so as to not distract from the goals or performance of the function.

Tidy Your Space, Transform Your Life

Effy Nicopoulos
Oct. 4 | 2pm

If you have seen the Netflix hit series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, you have witnessed the transformational effects of the KonMari Method™. The method’s philosophy is not just about tidying up but teaches us how to cultivate empathy for the things that surround us and, in effect, honour our space and possessions by asking one simple question, does it Spark Joy? Effy NIcopoulos, is a Certified KonMari consultant, only one of 224 worldwide, has been trained by Marie Kondo herself in this life changing method.

In addition to practicing the KonMari Method™, Effy is also a Trained Professional Organizer and current member of the Professional Organizers of Canada and she is an ICD (Institute for Challenging Disorganization) subscriber and working towards certificates in Chronic Disorganization. She has over 25 years of experience as a senior event manager, project manager, is a former real estate salesperson and also has a background in mediation and psychology. Effy is very interested in educating the community on some of the tips and ideas to improve lives and bring joy away from clutter and chaos.

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Paranormal Activity In Your Home

Glenn Laycock
Oct. 4 | 7pm

If you are hearing things that go bump in the night, then this is a session you don’t want to miss. Paranormal Investigator Glenn Laycock will explain what it is he does on investigations, the equipment he uses and he will take you on a ghost hunt in the facility. Not a beleiver? You might be after this experience.

I’m Glenn Laycock and I’m a member of Central Ontario Paranormal Investigations. We use the most up to date equipment in our investigations and are always looking for new ways to gather evidence. Before any investigation we meet with the client to hear their story and then plan the best way to tackle the investigation. Once an investigation is done we present our clients with a copy of any evidence that we have gathered and then provide advice on how they can deal with any issues they are having. Everything is confidential and WE DO NOT CHARGE ANY FEES. We do this because we care and we want to help.

Posh Pumpkins

Nicholas Rosaci | James Connelly
Oct. 4 | 4pm

Pull up your sleeves and prepare yourself for perfect posh pumpkins! Let designer Nicholas Rosaci walk you through creating a designer pumpkin that will be ready for any fashion runway! You can even purchase a ready-made one with proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity.

When it comes to DIY, design, style and personality, professionally trained Nicholas Rosaci raises the bar with flair for creating chic, confident, and glamorous spaces that cross the divide of modern versus traditional.
Nicholas has created an array of chic interiors and DIY projects for Cityline, Kimberley Seldon’s Dabble Magazine as the “DIY GUY”, and is the DIY editor for Canadian Home Trends Magazine. Nicholas has appeared in publications such as The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Reno & Decor, and at various home shows including the National Home and Garden Show.
With a passion for fashion and all things stylish, his DIY’s and dynamo designed spaces leaves a lasting impression to inspire you to live better, greener and of course, more fabulously!

Finding YOUR Colour!

Sharon Grech
Oct. 6 | 2pm

Despite being one of the smaller expenses relative to the overall cost of a renovation, paint is one of the most impactful elements. Sharon Grech, a regular Guest Expert on City’s Cityline will help you choose the perfect paint colour for every room in your home.

Upon graduating from the University of Toronto’s Fine Art & Art History Program, Sharon has dedicated her career to exploring and celebrating the world of colour.
She has established a reputation as an enthusiastic and knowledgeable authority on all aspects of colour, home fashion and style trends as an in-house Colour and Design Expert and Spokesperson for Benjamin Moore & Co.
Sharon also shares her passion with audiences as a popular guest expert on Cityline, North America’s longest running and most successful daytime show for women.
With her artist’s eye and lively “do-it-yourself” approach, Sharon has led the makeovers of hundreds of rooms, both inside and out, demonstrating how colour and paint can unify and beautify any space.

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In the Kitchen with Chef Tony Way and Liaison College

Chef Tony Way
Oct. 4 | 12pm
Oct. 6 | 11am

Learn how you can easily you can transform your Thanksgiving leftovers into breakfast, brunch and sandwiches.

Chef Tony Way was born and raised in Toronto where culture and food are everywhere and abundant. This is what fuels his passion of food and influences how he cooks.
Chef Tony graduated with Honours in 2005 from our Cook Advanced Diploma Program at Liaison College Downtown Campus. He was very fortunate to start his career at Opus on Prince Arthur which is one of Toronto’s top restaurants where he was able to use the best ingredients in the world.
With several experiences working in fine dining restaurants, he was offered a Sous Chef position at Meating Steakhouse which led to a Head Chef position at C-Food Restaurant (a sister establishment to Meating), where he was responsible for the day-to-day overall operations, at the same time he was asked to do some consulting work for different restaurants and Catering companies which has NOW developed into his own Catering business “Way Out By Design.”
His philosophy of food is about pure flavours with the understanding that “textures are what makes the flavours even more enjoyable.”
After earning his Red Seal, Chef Tony returns to our college as a Chef Instructor where he shares his passion for food and his knowledge in Molecular Gastronomy with students and fellow Chefs in the city. He assists in training our students for various competitions within our community.

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Tiny Home and Laneway Suites

Emmanuel Belliveau
Oct. 5 | 2pm

For over 15 years Emmanuel Belliveau has been designing everything from leather goods, to jewelry, to furniture and most notably, homes. Since the premier of My Parents House on HGTV in 2005, Emmanuel has shared his creative and fun spirit with Discovery Channel’s World’s Greenest Homes, numerous guest spots on TV in between and most recently, a role on Save our Shelter on The CW. Emmanuel has an entrepreneurial drive and is constantly on the lookout for creating something new. Always up for adventure, Emmanuel traveled several times to Uganda to design and develop a wellness center in Uganda for women and children. The center has since been converted into a physical rehabilitation centre and will open in March.

Emmanuel is from New Brunswick. He began his design career in Vancouver at FNDA Architecture and now calls Toronto home. Recent changes in the bylaws surrounding laneway housing has sparked a huge interest as he sees this as a huge opportunity given Toronto’s housing vacancy situation. His newly formed company Eva Lanes (Eva, is short for Evangeline, his mother – she always wanted to get into real estate) is a turnkey product for those seeking an easy way to assess, permit, design, and build their own laneway suite.

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Tiny Home and Laneway Suites

Daniel Ott
Oct. 5 | 2pm

After studying civil engineering at the University of Waterloo, Daniel Ott spent ten years working alongside his father at the helm of a successful residential contracting company, where he gained valuable experience on the job site and in business development. He then struck out on his own to found White Willow Design, a full service luxury residential design firm. White Willow quickly grew to be a leading design firm in the western GTA. In the recent years Dan began to receive more jobs, changing homes into multigenerational homes and notice there was a missing gap in the housing market, which lead to True North Tiny Homes. With his knowledge from construction, and luxuries full size homes, he is able to create functional tiny homes without losing the luxuries details.

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Fall Flavours

Chef Michael Griffiths
Oct. 6 | 1pm

Chef Michael G. will be showcasing his extraordinary flair for culinary creations with classic Fall Flavours.

Chef Michael is a culinary personality who performs across a variety of mediums and owns a private event company hosting unique and interactive culinary events for private groups. Michael was completing graduate school in mathematics when he discovered his love of food after competing on MasterChef Canada. He leveraged is academic background to create and explain how food can speak to all.

A Well Designed Home

Rebecca Hay
Oct. 5 | 4pm

A well designed home is beyond living stylishly but can more importantly increase productivity, and overall happiness. As we move into the cooler months it’s time to update your home to fit and adapt to how you truly live and plan your new designed spaces. Designer Rebecca Hay will discuss how you can best work with a designer and create a more stylish and organized home. Rebecca will share her top smart storage design ideas to consider and adapt them into your reno plans for your kitchen, laundry, and busy traffic areas of your home. Rebecca will also share some of her favourite go to suppliers and tips for busy family living areas she designs for her clients today

Designer Rebecca Hay, is the Principal Designer of Rebecca Hay Designs Inc. This Toronto based boutique design firm for over decade has been offering complete design & renovation services for residential, commercial and vacation properties. Known and celebrated for her design work and appearances on various acclaimed HGTV shows, Rebecca and her team design classic livable spaces that reflect their owner’s personality. Servicing clientele throughout Toronto, the GTA and Canada. www.RebeccaHayDesigns.com

Wine and Food Pairing

Slavica Bissylas
Oct. 5 | 7pm

Slavica will walk you through the process of pairing food dishes with wine to enhance the dining experience. In many cultures, wine has had a long history of being a staple at the dinner table and in some ways both the winemaking and the culinary traditions of a region will be evolved together over the year.

Slavica Bissylas is a curator of fine wines; Corveste Wines General Manager; and Canadian wine critic.
Her life has been devoted to discovering and sharing her love for wine, food and the arts, as essential elements of a life well lived.

Let’s Talk About Sleep

Neil Harding
Oct. 4 | 6pm
Oct. 6 | 3pm

This presentation is designed to help people realize how to get a great night’s sleep. Find out what you can do to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep.

Neil Harding, who is responsible for home shows nationally, has been a part of the Sleep Country team for close to 18 years. During this time he has gained extensive product and industry knowledge and is considered an expert in his field.

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30 Minute Healthy Mushroom Fettuccine Alfredo

Nikole Goncalves
Oct. 4 | 3pm

Nikole will be cooking up a quick & easy 30 minute week night dinner recipe from in her new cookbook, The HealthNut Cookbook . She will share from start to finish how to make a healthy & dairy free mushroom fettucine alfredo. Nikole will also share easy tips and hacks when preparing this dish.

Nikole Goncalves is the founder of the hugely popular YouTube channel and blog HealthNut Nutrition, which has over 560K subscribers and over 39 Million views. She is also the author of The HealthNut Cookbook, coming this Fall, which contains over 100 easy, healthy, and delicious meals! Nikole is a passionate “healthnut” who inspires her audience to live an active, healthy, and balanced lifestyle by showing how easy and delicious it can be. Her “healthified” versions of fresh and tasty dishes are guaranteed to make your taste buds dance and prove that healthy eating doesn’t have to be tasteless or boring! Nikole’s philosophy is all about finding a balance that works for you. It’s about listening to your body, surrounding yourself with positive people, limiting stress, and enjoying the foods you love. She doesn’t believe in dieting, calorie counting, low fat, or sugar-free labels. Instead, Nikole promotes a holistic and intuitive approach to living a healthy lifestyle both inside and out. She has become a trusted resource for sharing this philosophy on outlets like CTV’s Your Morning, CP24 and Global’s The Morning Show, showcasing quick and easy healthy meals to Canadians across the country.

The Basics and Benefits of Indoor Soil-less Gardening

Grow For You
Oct. 6 | 4pm

Kate and Eric of Grow For You Inc. will explain hydroponics and aeroponics as they apply approach to home food growing and sustainability. In this time of food insecurity and wide spread concerns over the environmental impact of food production and transportation you will be surprised and excited to learn that there is a low maintenance alternative that begins in your own home in a vertical square foot of space, and can produce food year round.
We will cover the process of vertical aeroponic gardening. The essential tools, knowledge and equipment required to succeed in growing your own food. We will elaborate on the needs that are met and the reduced environmental impact as well as the wide array of benefits achieved when we turn our attention to this simple and abundant growing method.

Kate Mooney and Eric Dionne
Kate Mooney and Eric Dionne are the married co-founders of Grow For You Inc. A Renfrew County based business dedicated to bringing the benefits of aeroponics into the average home. Eric, a paramedic by trade became interested in aeroponics as a hobby 4 years ago. He quickly became passionate and made himself an expert on the topic. He and Kate, a social worker by training were quickly taken in by the ease and productivity of home aeroponics and recognized what a valuable tool it could be in meeting food demands, improving food access, improving health and changing our environmental impact as consumers.
Since then the two have been dedicated to fine tuning a user friendly, space efficient vertical garden system for home use, developing small scale and customizable urban farm systems, writing a beginner guide to home aeroponics and sharing their knowledge in support of others in their effort to grow food for themselves. Grow For You Inc. Has been the recipient of a number of grants and in 2018 they progressed through to the final 4 competitors in a dragons den style business innovation competition. Rc-100. Kate and Eric view themselves as a small business with big goals. Nothing really…just to feed the world…or rather help the world feed itself. The tag line for Grow For You Inc. is a mission statement in its own right. “Clean, sustainable, food for all.”

It doesn’t get more clean, sustainable, healthful or delicious, than food grown in your own home year round.

The ABCs of Condo Renos

Oct. 4 | 5pm
Oct. 5 | 11:30am
Oct. 6 | 12pm

Renovating your condominium is more complicated than renovating a house. There are many rules that you will need to comply with. Let our guest experts give you all of the key points you need to know.

Guy Solomon is the 32 year-old founder and CEO of Penguin Basements, Canada’s leading basement renovation contractor. Guy founded Penguin Basements in 2012 with a mission to bring process and professionalism to a burgeoning industry short on both. Creating a new standard of systemized service and a customer centric experience has been the focal point of his company’s growth.
Utilizing his education in Accounting and Mathematics, Guy has been able to couple industry leading service with value driven solutions that has allowed Penguin Basements to nearly double their growth annually. As a whole, Penguin’s philosophy is to think outside of typical construction solutions and help create a new standard in contracting. As of 2018, Penguin Basements is building 500 basement projects with 3 offices and plans of further expansion while perfecting their scale. Penguin Basements has been a member of Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) since 2014.

Dave Evans is the President and Co-Founder of Cliff and Evans Ltd., a construction management company that has successfully completed hundreds of residential and commercial construction projects across southern Ontario. As the recipients of BILD’s Best Condominium Renovation Award in 2019, Dave and his team have the necessary expertise to plan and execute projects of all sizes within the heavily regulated condominium market. With a keen eye for even the smallest details, Dave has cultivated a particular reputation for excellence when managing highly customized condominium renovations for some of Cliff and Evans’ most discerning clientele. Cliff and Evans has been a member of BILD since 2011.

Samuel Lapidus is President of Keystone Ridge Developments Ltd., a company that renovates and builds for his clients in the GTA. Samuel’s company also specializes in condominium remodeling, unique in the renovation industry. Samuel’s background includes having worked in development and strategy for one of Canada’s largest premier property management and development advisory firms. Sam has an MBA focusing on retail and commercial development. Keystone Ridge Developments Ltd. has been a member of Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) since 2011. Sam is the chair of the Renovator & Custom Builder Council and a member of the BILD Board of Directors.

Best Paint Colours for Your Home

Oct. 4 | 1pm

Do you know the difference between ‘greige’ and taupe? Aubergine and citrine? Confused about what colours to use in your home? Donna Robertson will guide you through the upcoming trend colours and show you how to decorate with them in your home. Embrace colour and love your home!

Donna Robertson has been involved with Beauti-Tone paint for over 20 years. In that time she has gone from sales to home consultations to becoming a Certified Architectural Technologist. Her passion lies in paint and decorating and in helping people choose the right colour for their homes. Donna has an art background and can truly appreciate how colours work together, the psychology behind them and the amazing transformation paint can make to your home.

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