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If you’re getting ready to tackle a project yourself and want to learn a few skills or just don’t know where to start, stop by the Home Hardware Here’s How Centre. Here you’ll get tips, tricks and hands-on skills you need from fan favourites such as Canada’s Handyman Shawn Monteith, Jordan Spear, Donna Robertson and new at the show this year, Mark Rason.

Skills like hanging pictures perfectly, caulking, drywall patching, picking paint and more are all waiting for you in the Home Hardware Here’s How Centre at the Toronto Fall Home Show.

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Home Hardware Here’s How Centre Experts:

Jordan Spear

Jordan is all about arming homeowners with knowledge and the know-how to tackle DIY projects on their own. Come by and ask Jordan questions and for expert tips on how to take on your next DIY project.

Meet Canada's Handyman Shawn Monteith!

Shawn Monteith is back again with loads of tips and tricks for small projects around your home. See him everyday at the Show!

Donna Robertson

With an art background, this Certified Architectural Technologist truly appreciates how colours work together, the psychology behind it and the amazing transformation paint can make to your home.

Mark Rason

Mark Rason is best known within the online woodworking community for his fun-loving and creative approach to all things DIY. He has a passion for helping people face their fears and find the joys of a “Do It Yourself” project.

Don’t Know How? Here’s How:

Dealing With Wasps, Hornets and Yellow Jackets
You’ve probably seen them buzzing around. You could possibly have a nest in your own backyard. It’s that time of year when wasps, hornets and yellow jackets are out in full force. How can you get rid of these pesky pests? We asked one Home Hardware Dealer Owner on the Danforth for some tips.
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How To Keep Mice And Rats Away
Did you know mice can squeeze through holes less than a 1/4 inch in size? We asked Danforth Pape Home Hardware Dealer Owner Malcolm Firkser for some tips to keep those pesky rodents out of our homes.
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Back Off Bed Bugs!
They may be tiny but don’t let their size fool you!
Their bite can leave quite a lasting impression. They are bed bugs and they could be living in your home! Where should you look to see if they could be hiding out?
We asked Danforth Pape Home Hardware Dealer Owner Malcolm Firkser to help us out.

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