Granny’s House

Enbridge Gas will take you back in time through its Granny’s House – a new interactive Home Energy Conservation Booth. But it’s more than just wood paneling, plastic on the couch, and vintage wallpaper; Granny’s house will also have outdated and inefficient home features that show not all oldies are goodies, especially when it comes to home comfort and energy savings.

You can take a tour of the booth, interact with features like an outdated thermostat, old insulation, drafty outlets and inefficient windows to learn how you can make upgrades in your home to save energy, reduce your monthly bills and get up to $5,000 back. You can also have seat on the antique couch to watch a short video on how the program works, from signing up for an energy audit to a $5,000 cheque in the mail. See a few energy saving tips below!

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Update your wall, basement & attic insulation

Adding attic insulation delivers the greatest return on investment for most Canadian homes. By preventing heated and cooled air from escaping through the top of your home, you can reduce the heat loss through your attic by 75 to 80%.

Install a smart thermostat to save energy automatically

One of the easiest ways to save on your energy costs is by installing a Smart Thermostat that uses sensors and Wi-Fi technology to deliver comfort when you’re home and savings when you’re not. You can control your thermostat on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop from anywhere and get automatic energy saving adjustments and maintenance alerts that remind you when to change your furnace filter.

Draft-proof your home

30% of heat loss in a typical home is through air leakage. Proper air sealing in places like windows, doors, electrical outlets and where walls and ceilings meet will “draft-proof” your home, increasing comfort and lowering energy bills.

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