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Perma-Wood Solariums & Additions

170 Esna Park Drive
Unit # 7

For 30+ years, PERMA-WOOD® Solariums and Additions has been redefining clients' relationships with their homes and properties utilizing architecture with glass.
With the fast pace of life we experience today, many of us continue to look for ways to to improve the quality of the precious free time we have at home. At Perma-Wood™, we have made it our business to transform your living space in this pursuit, utilising predominately glass architecture.
These changes will undoubtedly add value to your home, although we do not believe this is the overriding purpose of our efforts or yours. The real objective is to enhance your home in such a way as to make your time there more “enjoyable”.
We believe that your home is more than just the bricks and mortar comprise its parts. It is, or should be, an expression of your personality, a retreat, a work of art, the thing that dreams are made of. A room that we create is one which reflects the spirit of its surroundings, the architecture of the home, and the way in which the family lives.
We begin with the knowledge that every client is unique, each with a different style of home, and each with different needs and tastes. We recognize that at the end of each project, our reputation, and the very well being of our company rests upon the satisfaction of our customer – each and every one.
In an increasingly industrialized world where mass production, “big box” retailing and the notion that “one size fits all” defines most businesses, Perma-Wood™ has come to represent the antithesis of this way of thinking. To be otherwise, would just not be Perma-Wood™